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The most frequent comment made by people who are new to the church, is that they have found the people who are in the church already, to be warm and welcoming. We hope that when you come, you will find that too!

Buckie Baptist Church

Although the church has a 'history' of over 100 years - which is something we very much cherish, we are a forward -looking fellowship combining the strengths of our past, with the best of the present day and looking forward to an exciting future of sharing our faith and our deeds with those in Buckie and the wider Moray and Banff coast areas. Although a majority of our members and others who are regular attenders, live in the immediate Buckie area, we do have folks who come from the neighbouring coastal villages and from villages and towns a number of miles inland. As well as our worship services on Sundays, we meet at a variety of times and in various groups to enrich and deepen our faith and for fun and enjoyment. We have a wide range of ages represented in the church and there are activities to suit. For example, during our morning worship services, children have a range of age-related activities to take part in, including Rainbow Kids (under 5s) Splash (ages 5-8), Xtreme (ages 8-11) and The Grid (ages 11-14) Details of those things and other church organisations can be found on another page along with details of people with whom you can get in touch to find out more.

  • Pastor

    Currently Vacant
  • Church Secretary

    Gordon McPherson
  • Treasurer

    Eric Foley
  • Youth Worker

    Carole Reid
    Carole Reid

Buckie Baptist Church Disabled Access

The church was established in Buckie in 1906 with the main church building following in 1910. A hall was added (across the road) in the early 1970's.The main church building has been extensively refurbished (no pews or pulpit for a start) and was opened formally in March 2011.

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The Team

Pastor - Currently Vacant
Church Secretary - Gordon McPherson
Treasurer - Eric Foley
Youth Worker - Carole Reid


Buckie Baptist Church
Cluny Place
Banffshire AB56 1JL


01542 840388



Sunday Service Times

11am - 12.15pm
6pm - 7pm

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